Drum & Dance Troupe

  • Currently, Northland Community School has 53 dance troupe participants and 13 drum group participants. The Northland Community School Dance Troupe have a google classroom online with instructor Leah Monroe.The Northland Community School Drum Groups meet online after school once a week to practice with instructor Logan Monroe.picture of powwow dancers

    picture of drum and dance troupe performing during Vetarns program







    The Drum and Dance Troupe celebrated Veteran's Day by singing honor songs during the school's Veteran's Day assembly.

  • Currently drum and dance students have or will be participating in: 

    • 2020-2021 School Year: Regalia Making
    • September 2020: Attending the Battle Point Powwow
    • November 2020: Native American Heritage Month activities, Veterans Day exhibition, Exhibition at Detroit Lakes schools.
    • December 2020: School Round Dance
    • February 2021: Drum Group @ LL Career Fair
    • March 2021: Deer River school Round Dance, Annual School Powwow, UMD Powwow Exhibition in Duluth
    • April 2021: Annual Drum & Dance competition 
    • May 2021: LL Headstart Powwow, Deer River School Powwow