Northland Activites News

      What We Offer

      • We take pride in our students who participate in the activities at Northland along with the sportsmanship of both players and fans alike. Please remember to "Let the players play, the coaches coach and the officials officiate." We need you, our fans, to encourage our athletes by cheering for them.

        Here is a list of the activities we offer:

        • Boys' Basketball
        • Volleyball
        • Knowledge Bowl
        • Anishinaabe Drum and Dance
        • Anishinaabe Knowledge Bowl
        • Student Leadership Team
        • High Mileage Club


        We Co-op with Hill City in:

        • Football
        • Girls' Basketball
        • Baseball
        • Softball
        • Robotics
        • Trapp Shooting
        • One-Act Play
        • Speech

        We Co-op with Deer River and Hill City in:  

        • Track 
        • Cross Country


        Elementary youth sports fall under Community Education.


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