Drum and Dance Competition

  • Places List from Northland Community Schools' Annual Drum & Dance Competition. Students from 17 schools participated in this year's event. Please visit Minnesota Indian Education News for more events.

    picture of powwow dancers at competition 

    Students from 17 schools participated this year.

    1.     Red Lake 

    2.     Ponemah 

    3.     Deer River 

    4.     Bugonaygeshig

    5.     Minisinakwaang Leadership Academy

    6.     Bemidji

    7.     Cass Lake/Bena

    8.     Walker Hackensack Akeley

    9.     Northland Community Schools-Remer

    10.  McGregor ISD# 4

    11.  Detroit Lakes 

    12.  Leech Lake Headstart

    13.  Red Lake Headstart

    14.  Fondulac Headstart

    15.  Fond Du Lac Ojibwe School

    16.  Cloquet Schools

    17.  Carlton ISD# 93



    Results for the 2018-2019 State Drum & Dance Competition

    Held at Northland Community Schools-Remer, MN

    PreK- K Girls Jingle 1st – Kenna G.-Cass Lake/Bena, 2nd-Luna J.-Bugonaygeshig, 3rd-Tyler S.-Red Lake, 4th-Atrielle C.-LLHS

    PreK-K Girls Fancy 1st-Miairha Z.-Red Lake

    PreK-K Boys Traditional 1st-Joseph Smallwood-LLHS

    PreK-K Boys Grass/Chicken 1st-River K.-RLHS, 2nd-Delucion H.-Cass Lake/Bena, 3rd-Jayden T.-LLHS, Joseph J.-LLHS

    1-2 grade Girls Traditional 1st-Revlyn B.-Deer River

    1-2 grade Girls Jingle 1st-Marga K.-Red Lake, 2nd-Jazzlyn R.-Cass Lake/Bena, 3rd-Jasinda K.-Red Lake, 4th-Illyanna W.-Minisinaakwaang

    1-2 grade Girls Fancy Shawl 1st-Genavieve G.-Bugonaygeshig

    1-2 grade Boys Traditional 1st-Mason W.-Remer, 2nd-Murphy J.-Bugonaygeshig

    1-2 grade Boys Grass/Chicken 1st-Everette F.-Cass Lake/Bena, 2nd-Destan S.-McGregor, 3rd-Skylar S.-FDL, 4th-Antone N.-Cass Lake/Bena

    3-4 grade Girls Traditional 1st-Hudson B.-Deer River 2nd-Auren B.-Deer River

    3-4 grade Girls Jingle 1st-Jada R.-Cass Lake/Bena, 2nd Shariah K.-Red Lake, 3rd-Trinity A.-Red Lake, 4th Grace N.-Red Lake

    3-4 grade Girls Fancy Shawl 1st-Kianna K.-Bemidji, 2nd-Jazlene W.-Minisinakwaang Leadership Academy3rd-Josephine M.-Bemidji, 4th Alaina G.-Bugonaygeshig

    3-4 grade Boys Traditional 1st-Noah W.-Remer

    3-4 grade Boys Grass/Chicken 1st-Shea F.-Cass Lake/Bena, 2nd- Jaycel C.-Red Lake, 3rd-Kenyen G.-Cass Lake/Bena, 4th-Devin J.-Ponemah

    3-4 grade Boys Fancy Bustle 1st-Landon M.-Remer

    5-6 grade Girls Jingle 1st-AnnMarie W.-Cass Lake/Bena, 2nd-Kiara G.-Cass Lake/Bena, 3rd-Kayleigh R.-Ponemah 4th-Kimmela G.-Bugonaygeshig

    5-6 grade Girls Fancy Shawl 1st-Natalie W.-Cass Lake/Bena, 2nd-Angelique W.-Minisinaakwaang, 3rd-Jazmin C.-Ponemah, 4th-Evelyn S.-McGregor

    5-6 grade Boys Traditional 1st-Trey F.-Remer, 2nd-Antone B.-Minisinaakwaang

    5-6 grade Boys Grass/Chicken 1st-Aiden W.-Deer River, 2nd- Preston W.-Remer, 3rd-Raydon H.-Bugonaygeshig, 4th-Anthony G.-Bugonaygeshig


    PreK-6 grade Girls Tri-star(all 3 categories) 1st-Kianna K.-Bemidji, 2nd-Jazlene W.-Minisinaakwaang, 3rd-Jasinda K.-Red Lake, 4th-Nishiime B.-Cass Lake/Bena

    PreK-6 Boys Tri-star(all 3 categories) 1st-Preston W.-Remer, 2nd-Landon M.-Remer

    7-8 grade Girls Jingle 1st-Grace B.-Red Lake, 2nd-Naveah N.-Cass Lake/Bena, 3rd-Tyler L.-Cass Lake/Bena, 4th-Chyanne O.-Cloquet

    7-8 grade Girls Fancy Shawl 1st-Molly H.-FDL, 2nd-Ronnie S.-McGregor, 3rd-Soloan K.-Deer River, 4th-Tammy S.-McGregor

    7-8 grade Boys Traditional 1st-James S.-Cass Lake/Bena, 2nd-Vincent K.-Deer River

    7-8 grade Boys Grass/Chicken 1st-Chinoodin S. McGregor, 2nd- Giniwab U.-Deer River, 3rd-Ronald D.-Remer, 4th-Eli R.-Remer

    9-10 grade Girls Jingle 1st- Aliyah G.-Deer River, 2nd-Rozalina H.-Bugonaygeshig, 3rd-Amerie G.-Cass Lake/Bena, 4th-Danaesha F.-Remer

    9-10 grade Girls Fancy Shawl 1st-Solai M.-FDL, 2nd-Nakaya L.-Cass Lake/Bena, 3rd-A’Leah H.-Minisinaakwaang

    9-10 grade Boys Traditional 1st-Marvin R.-Deer River, 2nd-Kenton G.-Cass Lake/Bena

    9-10 grade Boys Grass 1st-Isaiah H.-Remer, 2nd-Caide N.-Carlton

    11-12 Girls Traditional 1st-Charlie JS.-Cass Lake/Bena

    11-12 Girls Jingle1st-Shianna S.-FDL, 2nd- Elise W.-Red Lake, 3rd-Starr S.-FDL, 4th-Raine R.-Bugonaygeshig 

    11-12 Girls Fancy Shawl 1st-Michaela C.-Cass Lake/Bena, 2nd-Madison G.-Remer, 3rd-Alyssa T.-Remer

    11-12 Boys Traditional 1st-Logan M.-Remer

    11-12 Boys Grass 1st-Seth G.-Bemidji, 2nd- Tyler J.-Cass Lake/Bena, Isaiah L.-Bemidji

    11-12 Boys Fancy Bustle 1st-Nate M.-Bemidji


    7-12 grade Girls Tri-star(all 3 categories) 1st-Tyler L.-Cass Lake/Bena, 2nd-Elise W.-Red Lake, 3rd-Amerie G.-Cass Lake, 4th-Starr S.-FDL

    7-12 grade Boys Tri-star(all 3 categories) 1st- Ronald Day-Remer, 2nd-Marvin R.-Deer River, 3rd-Giniwab U.-Deer River, 4thCaide N.-Carlton


    Drum Group 1st place-Bemidji 1398pts, 2nd place-Ponemah 1280pts, 3rd-Cass Lake 1267pts, 4th–Deer River 1236pts

    Drum & Dance Troupe "All Around" points winner- Cass Lake-Bena