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Eagle "Libraeries"

girl reading a bookOne of the best things that families can do during this time is - read! Eagle Libraeries are now located in all district communities and have books that families can borrow, read and return. (Remember – we call them “libraeries because we’re the Northland Eagles, and an eagle’s nest is called an AERIE (air-eee). Hence, a “nest” for books is a LibrAERIE.)

Libraerie Outdoor Locations:

  • Federal Dam City Hall
  • Boy River Community Center
  • Sugar Point Community Center
  • Kego Community Center
  • Longville Foodshelf
  • Mule Lake Store
  • Outing Library
  • Big Winnie General Store in Bena

mini libraryRemer Locations:

  • School Playground
  • Remer Library
  • Bigfoot Gas and Gifts
  • The Rusty Busket
  • Northland Family Service Center

Click HERE to see a map of the locations.

Online Resources:

The following library resources are available:

Here are some additional online resources from the MN Department of Education:
Family Activity Guide Resources for Families