Northland Community Schools: Fitness Center Use Policy
Purpose: Regular exercise has many benefits. Everyone knows that they should exercise.  The newest statistics on obesity in the U.S. are reaching epic proportions. Northland Community Schools recognizes this fact and is addressing the issue by operating and maintaining a recreational weight training facility.
Hours:   Adults Members: Mon.-Friday 5:15 am-7:30 am, 3pm-10pm, Saturdays 5:15am-6pm, Sundays 6pm-8pm
Membership Fees:   $40.00 for a year membership $60.00 for family.
Youth: 13 and older Mon.3:30-5:30 Thurs. 3:30-5:30 pm, Wed. 2:30-4:30 pm, Friday, 3:30-5:30
Proper footwear (non-marking soles) must be worn by all participants.
Shirts must be worn at all times.
All users are required to wipe off machines after use.
All users are required to return weights to proper stand after use. DO NOT LEAVE WEIGHTS ON EQUIPMENT!
The use of the facility may be restricted at certain times.
No smoking. No eating. No pets.
Be considerate of others. Do not sit on a machine or bench unless you intend to use it.
Please warm up properly before any exercise or use.
Please use a spotter when working with free weights.
Injuries must be reported immediately.
Abuse of equipment will not be tolerated. Loss of privilege will occur.
Do not drop free weights.
Commit no act of theft or destruction of property.
All Persons using the facility must comply with and abide by all school rules.
Only members are permitted to be in the Fitness Center. Any member, who allows a non-member to enter the facility, or use their card, will lose all membership benefits and will not be refunded any money.
Members must all make sure all doors are shut securely when they leave.
Do not prop doors open.
Northland Community Schools is not responsible for any injury that may occur.
No student while enrolled in school may use the fitness center unsupervised. There must be an adult supervisor for students to use the facility.
You must be 13 or older to use the facility and be with a parent or when the fitness center attendant is here.
If there is any Violation of Fitness Center Policy you will be subject to loss of membership with no refund of money. We encourage people to use the center, but also want to provide a safe and usable facility to everyone. A membership card will be provided. There will be a $10.00 deposit on all membership cards.
I have read and understand the policy above and agree to abide by the rules._________________                              ________________________
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