Frequently Asked Questions

Make it simple for me – what does this plan do?
The plan builds a new addition onto the existing gymnasium, locker room, cafeteria, high school offices and technical education portions of the building. We will remodel this older portion as part of the process. The newest section of the building that was built in 2002 will remain and may be used as an early childhood center. The new addition will provide 21st century classrooms, a new gymnasium, cafeteria, media center and community gathering space.

Who came up with this plan?
A citizen task force reviewed the assessment information gathered over the past year and developed some options. The final option saved some of the old building and added some new. The school board unanimously approved the plan.

Will we continue to have input on the school design?
Yes. Many more design decisions remain. Significant community input will be sought during this process. The District has formulated an Oversight Committee that is keeping track of the timeline, budget, and provides direction. A Core Design Committee has met several times to discuss design drafts, to be sure they meet the needs of our school. User Groups will be held this spring to ensure that spaces are designed smartly so space is maximized. 

How will this improve student performance?
A major factor in student performance is attendance. A healthy learning environment reduces the risk of illness which improves attendance. Learning spaces in modern schools allow for the varied needs of students and provides places for individual learning with tutors, small groups and volunteers.

What will happen to the old buildings?
Most of the old buildings will be demolished after the new building is completed. The demolished areas will be used to make a safe and secure drop-off and bus loading entrance to the building.

What will happen to students during construction?
Students will continue to attend classes in the old portions of the buildings until the new sections open. A safe learning environment will be provided for our students during construction

Would construction be handled locally?
By law, any project with a value greater than $100,000 must be bid and must be awarded to the lowest bidder. Local preference is not permitted. Local bidders would certainly be notified and able to bid on the project work or obtain subcontracts for work.

Do we need to buy new desks, cabinets and other furniture under this plan?
Some new furniture would be included, but the plan budget is only for a minimal replacement, with recycling and reusing of most of the inventory.