Planning Timeline for Northland Community Schools Remodel

Bird's eye rendering of the new facility.
Bird's eye rendering of the new facility. *This rendering depicts the school facility only. Grounds, playgrounds, traffic patterns, etc. are not included.
Thank you for visiting this site to find out more about the ongoing project to improve Northland Community Schools. Below you'll find a timeline of meetings and events pertaining to planning. As we get in to spring and summer, things will really get moving. Please check back for further updates.

We have put together two committees to help with the Schematic Design Development process. Both committees are working closely with FJJ Inc and JLG Architects to plan the best future for our school. The Oversight Committee provides insight on the overall direction of the project, while the Core Committee takes a deeper dive into the design, ensuring that the designs meet the needs of our students, faculty, staff, and community.

Upcoming Meetings:

Schematic Design
February 22 - Core Committee Meeting
February 22 - Schematic Design Special Board Presentation

Design Development
February 22 - User Groups
February 29 - Oversight Committee Meeting
March 7 - User Groups
April 11 - Design Development Special Board Presentation


Past Schematic Design Agendas

Core Committee
January 12
Oversight Committee
January 18
Core Committee
January 25
Review project design schedule
Review decision making authority
Define project Goals
Rank project priorities
Verify project program
Reaction to listening in plan
Review plan against goals & priorities
Provide critical adjacency & location decisions (+/- 25%)
Provide initial design direction
Review plan against goals & priorities
Review initial massing
Oversight Committee
February 1
Core Committee
February 8
Oversight Committee
February 15
Finalize all major floorplan decisions
Review site design options
Review massing
Discuss external building material options
Review plan against goals & priorities
Review developed massing
Discuss exterior building materials options
Preview public presentation
Finalize site design layout
Confirm initial exterior material product selections



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