Social 7: Syllabus

Social 7 Syllabus
World Geography Syllabus
Mr. Daugherty

Grade Level: 7

Course Description: Students will be given the opportunity to examine various regions of the world’s geography. The focus will be on landscape, landforms, climates, natural resources and the human relationships to their environments.

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Introduction to World

Cultures and Geography
Chapter 1 Welcome to the World
Chapter 2 The Geographer’s World

Unit 2The United States and Canada

Chapter 3 The Physical Geography of the United States and Canada
Chapter 4 The United States Today
Chapter 5 Canada Today

Unit 3 Latin America

Chapter 6 Latin America: Its Land and History
Chapter 7 Mexico Today
Chapter 8 Central America and the Caribbean Islands
Chapter 9 South America

Unit 4 Europe, Russia, and the Independent Republics

Chapter 10 Western Europe: Its Land and Early History
Chapter 11 The Growth of New Ideas
Chapter 12 Europe:War and Change
Chapter 13 Modern Europe
Chapter 14 Europe Today

Unit 5 North Africa and Southwest Asia

Chapter 15 North Africa and Southwest Asia: Place and Times
Chapter 16 North Africa and Southwest Asia

Unit 6 Africa South of the Sahara

Chapter 17 Africa South of the Sahara: Geography and History
Chapter 18 Western and Central Africa
Chapter 19 Eastern and Southern Africa
Unit 7 Southern Asia

Chapter 20 Southern Asia:Place and Times
Chapter 21 India and Its Neighbors
Chapter 22 Southeast Asia Today

Unit 8 East Asia, Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica

Chapter 23 East Asia, Australia, and Oceania: and History
Chapter 24 China and Its Neighbors
Chapter 25 Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, and Antarctica

Learner Outcomes:
Student will demonstrate an understanding of human’s relationship to their environments’. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the basic geographical landscape of the US and World. Students will:

Course Evaluation:
Tests, Quizzes, Presentations, Projects, Written Papers, Daily Assignments, Daily Participation, Final Exam

Course Grading Procedures:

Special Needs Accommodations: on an individual bases along with Special Education