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Northland Community Schools Grand Opening!

Students celebrated the Northland Community Schools Grand Opening with a Powwow Drum and Dance Exhibition on 9/22/17.

Students participate in We Act!

The Indian Education at Northland Community Schools also participates in the We Act Program. Where students learn about and participate in helping to create change in both local and world wide issues.

The Program

Millions of young people across the globe don’t have the most basic things that we often take for granted: food, clean water, education. The challenges that poverty and inequality create are so large that solutions can only come from our collective effort. Action by young people across North America and the UK that tackles both local and global issues is the strongest step towards a more fair and fulfilled world. Free The Children seeks to create systemic change by empowering a generation of active global citizens to change the world on whatever issues they care about.

We Act is a comprehensive service learning program that empowers a generation to care about local and global issues. The program, which includes We Day and Free The Children campaigns, provides the practical tools needed to turn that inspiration into at least one local and one global action to benefit the issues and causes that youth care about. Designed to enhance a school’s existing service learning initiatives or to spark new ones, We Act transforms school communities through positive changes in student behavior, heightened engagement and the belief that it’s cool to care.

We Act provides:

  • Service campaigns addressing various local and global issues accompanied by pre-packaged resources and supported by social media.
  • Educational resources. Built as issues-based modules, lesson plans can be easily implemented into classrooms, after-school programs, and family learning.
  • Action kits designed to provide tangible steps to take action on the issues youth and educators care most about.
  • Online resources. The ultimate resource for youth, educators and families alike, is a one-stop shop for discovering one’s passion, learning about issues and taking action on ANY cause.

Battle of Sugar Point Annual Field Trip

  • On October 18th 2017 Indian Education organized and helped sponsor the annual history field trip to the historical battle grounds tour of the Battle of Sugar Point of 1898. This field trip brought all students in grades 6 and 9 to visit the sight and hear historical presentations of “The Battle of Sugar Point”. 

Super Bowl Press Conference!

Students in Drum and Dance performed for the Super Bowl Press Conference in Minneapolis on October 27th 2017!

Roc Your Mocs Day!

In November 29th 2017, in honor of Native American Heritage Month, students and staff celebrated Roc Your Mocs day by wearing moccasins during the day at school or by wearing a moccasin pin. The class with the most participants will win an ice cream party. This year's winners were Mrs. Boucher's 2nd grade and the 10th grade class!

Manoomin Giizhigad! Wild Rice Day November 2017!

 In November 2017  students will celebrate wild rice harvesting with wild rice samples during lunch!

Zaasakokwaan Giizhigad! (Frybread Day!) November 27th 2017!

In honor of Native American Heritage Month,
Indian Education staff gifted all students with mini-frybread during the day of 11/27/17!

Elementary Ojibwe

Teaching Ojibwe
Indian Education teaches basic Ojibwe language to every class in Pre-K and Kindergarten students once a week, and 1st grade to 6th grade once a month.

Ojibwe release time

Currently, elementary students participating in Ojibwe release time class, have learned Ojibwe and cultural topics on animal/fish wildlife, and locally grown foods using Ojibwe language, activities and stories. 

2017-2018 Northland Community Schools Princess & Brave Royalty

Princess Danaesha F. & Brave Landon M.

Teaching the Ojibwe Language

Leah Monroe, a Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe member and Native Nation Rebuilder, talks to Lakeland News about how bringing Ojibwe language to Remer public schools is helping to build understanding across cultures.

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