Some of the students in our schools are taking medications during the day. It is important that guidelines are followed to ensure the safety of your child and others. Please read the following guidelines to be sure you are providing us with the necessary documentation and are following these steps.
  1. Prescription Medication
·        You must provide the school with a written authorization and a statement from a licensed physician when requesting that medication be administered during the school hours. (We have forms for the doctors to fill out. Some clinics provide forms for this purpose. *Administrating Prescription Medications Form)
·        A new *Administrating Prescription Medications Form needs to be filled out once per school year, or when a change in the prescription or requirements for administration occurs.
·        Prescription medications must come to school in the original container appropriately labeled for the student by the pharmacy. (The original bottle with the prescription on the bottle.)
·        Medications must be brought to school by the parent and left with the appropriate school personnel. Medications must not be transported on the bus. (Exception – inhalers)
·        Notify the school immediately in writing of any change in the student’s medication or if the medication is no longer required.
  1. Non Prescription Medications
·        Non prescription medications must come in the original container.
·        Parents must submit a written authorization which includes directions for administering and an ending date of administration.
As mentioned before, these steps are in place to protect your child and the other children in the building. Thank you for taking the extra precaution to keep our children safe.