Pre-Algebra 7th Grade Math

Homework: A Concern for the Whole Family
How to Help:
Show That You Think Education and Homework Are Important
Set a Regular Time for Homework
Pick a Place
 Remove Distractions
 Provide Supplies and Identify Resources

Set a Good Example
Be Interested and Interesting How to Help:
 Monitor Assignments
Ask about the School’s Homework Policy
Be Available
Look over Completed Assignments
Monitor Time Spent Viewing TV and Playing Video Games

How to Help:
Provide Guidance
Help Your Child Get Organized
Encourage Good Study Habits
Talk about the Assignments

Minnesota Academic Standards in Math 4 strands

 Number and Operations
 Geometry and Measurement
Data Analysis & Probability

The big over all concept is proportionality in real - world mathematical situations while building our basic math operational skills.

Contact: Ms. Procopio