Sail into the Sea of Success in 2nd Grade

   I want to tell you that I am very excited to have your child in my class for 2 wonderful years of being a Northland Eagle! My greatest goal will be to ensure that my students develop to their fullest potential. This means it is my mission to help them learn and succeed in life and in school these next two years and beyond. I want to be both your child’s mentor and their friend. I want them to learn everything they can from me, as I know I will learn tons and tons from them. Even though I am entering my first year of teaching 2nd Graders, I have taught 3rd Graders for 16 years. I remain committed to experimenting with new and creative ways for helping children grow and achieve greatness at their own level, using their own learning styles and interests. What a thrilling adventure we will have as we
Sail into the Sea of Success in 2nd Grade!
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Room #: D-128
Phone #: 218-566-2351 ext. #32073

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