About the Teacher: Mrs. Procopio

Mrs. Procopio
Welcome to Math!!!

I started working at  Northland Community School in 2004. I have a spark for numbers and love Volleyball. Although breaks are nice, I do miss the students a great deal. When I'm not teaching, I spend most of my time with my family. I also enjoy scrapbooking, fishing, hunting, camping with my family and friends. My children: Amanda is teaching math in the twin cities area.  Lizzy is working as an office manager in Baxter.  Spencer is working with Dan at Procopio's Auto body, Our Collision Repair, Mechanical, and Towing shops are growing.

Please contact mrs. Procopio at or 218-566-2351 ext. 32046

2018-2019 Mrs. Procopio’s Schedule

7:30—8:00        Office hour, for a meeting or homework help
8:00—8:20        Welcome students to school

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Period 1   8:25—9:16                CIS Pre-Cal
Period 2   9:20—10:10              8th Grade math
Period 3   10:14—11:04             7th Grade math
Period 4   11:09—11:59            7th Grade math
Lunch                11:59 to 12:28 
Period 5   12:28—1:18             CIS College Alg.
Period 6   1:22—2:12               Algebra II
Period 7   2:16—3:06               Prep

Period 1   8:25-9:06               CIS Pre-Cal
Period 2   9:10-9:50                  8th Grade math  
Period 3   9:54-10:34               7th Grade math
Advisory   10:38—11:08            30 min. each week with Junior
Period 4   11:12—11:52            7th Grade Math
Lunch                11:52 to 12:18
Period 5   12:22-1:02        CIS college Algebra
Period 6   1:06-1:46        Algebra II
Period 7   1:50-2:30          Prep
Teacher workshop or PLC 2:30—3:30

Contact: Carol Procopio

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